We returned to our Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner event was hosted at our location on 20th of November. We had dozens of guests from a variety of different backgrounds in Las Vegas. The atmosphere was great, the night was so relaxing, people were friendly, and everyone had a great time. The food that was provided was like a warm hug on cold winter nights.

Our dinner program started with an interfaith prayer. After the opening prayers and remarks by the two honorable men of religion, interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue Radio Show’s host, Imam Mujahid Ramadan, gave a speech on the importance of thanksgiving and interfaith dialogue. His speech was significant as he spoke as the vice president of Interfaith Council of Nevada.

Then we distributed wish cards among our guests, and everyone wrote their new year wishes on them

The event continued with a musical performance by the talented pianist and vocalist, Scott Nicholson. His 30 years of musical experience really mesmerized the crowd as we didn’t realize how quick the 20 minutes passed listening to him.

Closing remarks were made by Dave Sims, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Summerlin Area Command Captain. He gave a speech on the importance of understanding others as a way of maintaining order in the society. He specifically requested people to keep an open heart and don’t dehumanize the police force as they are also human beings who try to keep civilians safe.

We would like to thank all guests, especially our esteemed speaker guests. Also, a special thanks to Scott Nicholson for his fantastic musical performance. Finally, an important thanks to our catering volunteers who prepared delicious meals for the event.

What a great night we had at our first annual Friendsgiving Dinner on Saturday. Our youth members organized their first Friendsgiving dinner inviting Muslim youths in the valley. We had youth Muslim brothers & sisters, and UNLV MSA members. The atmosphere was great, the night was so relaxing, people were friendly, and everyone had a great time. The food that was provided was like a warm hug on cold winter nights.

We would like to thank all guests and our esteemed speaker Imam Mujahid Ramadan. Also, a special thanks to our catering volunteers who prepared delicious meals for the event.

We came together with our friends from Epiphany Episcopal Church and enjoyed an beautiful night to establish mutual understanding and friendship.

Epiphany Episcopal Church invited our community members to the church for a beautiful dialogue gathering on Friday, November 11.

This was a great way for us to enjoy some food and fellowship as we get to know one another better. People shared their stories and introduced themselves while talking in the round table discussion. This was a great event to know each other.

We want to thank Epiphany Church members for your kindness, generosity, and support for the partnership and collaboration. Together, we are making this world a a better a place for ourselves and our future generations.

Tonight, we  hosted Dr. Ali Shehata for one of the lecture series organized by Silver Sage Foundation. Dr. Ali had a commentary/discussion on one of the “40 hadith of Imam an-Nawawi.” There were guests from community members. We want to thank both Dr Ali for the wonderful discussion+talk and the guests for their participation. Everyone was engaged and  enjoyed the interaction.

Below is the hadith we had for a commentary tonight.

Abu Malik al-Ashari reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Purity is half of faith, and the praise of Allah fills the scale. Glorification and praise fill up what is between the heavens and the earth. Prayer is a light, charity is proof, and patience is enlightenment. The Quran is a proof for you or against you. All people go out early in the morning and sell themselves, either setting themselves free or ruining themselves.”  (Muslim) 

Our volunteers spent their Saturday afternoon in Ponderosa Planting event organized by Southern Nevada Conservancy at Mt Charleston.

The volunteers planted 50+ ponderosa trees. We believe that every individual has an obligation to preserve nature as much as they can. In this light, our volunteers and a dozens of other nature-friends joined to the tree planting efforts.

Thank you to our volunteers! Thank you Southern Nevada Conservancy

“Even if the resurrection were established upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, let him plant it” ~Prophet Muhammad

Wonderful interfaith showcase organized by Silver Sage Foundation. Silver Sage Volunteers served Noah’s pudding to people who attended Zuhr prayer at Masjid As-Sabur on Saturday.

After praying, the volunteers also served Noah’s Pudding to Nevada Housing Authority Complex and some homeless people in the neighborhood. Thank you to volunteers who prepared the event.

On August 19th, the Silver Sage Foundation’s Women Association hosted an event where they invited the women of Epiphany to Noah’s Pudding Event in order to serve Noah’s pudding to all attendees and share the spirit of peace and collaboration.

It was a great evening, with a strong sense of sisterhood pervading the entire space. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our sisters. Hoping to reunite again under the same umbrella to celebrate and appreciate our unity!

History of Noah’s Pudding

In anecdotal history, it is claimed that when Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, Prophet Noah’s family celebrated with a special dish. Since their supplies were nearly exhausted, what was left (primarily grains, dried fruits and the like) was cooked together to form a pudding, what is now called ashure.

We partnered up with Nevada’s Mercy & Care and Embrace Relief to distribute meat packages for the people in need in Las Vegas.

Eid al Adha is a time of helping others and co-operation, Silver Sage Foundation strives to make our community a better place by being a force of charity and help. So that’s the perfect time for us to do whatever we can for people who are in need around us.

We would like to thank all our donors, Mercy & Care and Embrace Relief for this great effort.

We hosted our friends from Las Vegas Epiphany Episcopal Church for an iftar dinner at our location. It was a beautiful evening with delicious meals and warm conversations.

It was the last iftar event for Silver Sage Foundation’s 2022 Ramadan month. And it was great to break our fasts at a gathering that established bridges and based upon interfaith dialogue.

We would like to thank our volunteers for the fantastic meals. We also thank to Epiphany Episcopal Church and all of the valuable participants.

LVMPD Summerlin Area Command opened its doors to the Muslims in Las Vegas for a wonderful iftar dinner on the 27th of April. It was a significant night as it was the Night of Power (Laylat Al Qadr). As Silver Sage Foundation, we provided support to the event with our volunteers.

It was great to see different Islamic communities of our city coming together for sharing love and food. We also learned how LVMPD strives to make positive changes in our community. It was a great event for dialogue between different groups of our society.

We would like to extend our thanks to LVMPD Summerlin Area Command, Capt. Dave Sims, Imam Mujahid Ramadan, our volunteers and all guests.