Art and culture is an integral part of our collective human civilization. It is a great medium to express and share ideas. Silver Sage Foundation values all branches of art.

The art unit’s objective is to cultivate the artistic capabilities of individuals, especially the young people by organizing art classes and workshops. From Ebru to oil painting, the unit aims to cover a wide spectrum of artistic activities.

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Turkish Coffee & Art - Dialogue and Friendship Gathering

The Dialogue and Friendship Night, hosted collaboratively by Silver Sage and Erguvan Art Studio, was a memorable evening filled with exquisite Turkish cuisine, outstanding artwork, and captivating music. A highlight of the night was the…
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Ebru Day

We organized an ebru workshop at our location. Ebru is a form of traditional Turkish art. It can be described as 'painting on water.' With our instructor, our workshop attendants proved their artistic talent with their beautiful ebru paintings. EBRU…