Silver Sage Foundation hosted an iftar for the high school students in Las Vegas from various religions. We gathered on the 9th of April to celebrate an iftar dinner together and reinforce relationship between different religions.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada also participated in the iftar and honored us with their presence. We had various speakers from them and their enlightening speeches gave important lessons to the high school youth in the audience.

There were plenty of non-Muslim high school students who tried fasting for the iftar and they expressed their surprise in finding that fasting is not as hard as they thought. They also stated how much joy they felt spiritually.

We would like to thank to all volunteers who realized this wonderful event, participants, The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and Teen Project of Silver Sage Foundation.

Keith Hess, Professor of Philosophy at the College of Southern Nevada gave a Zoom lecture to our community on February 8th. In his presentation, Prof. Hess depicted a detailed picture of Messiah according to the Christian point of view.

Hess shared exempts from both The Old and The New Testaments on how Jesus becomes the Messiah. He also gave attention to the other messianic prophecies related to the subject.

After the lecture, the meeting’s moderator Dr. Rosalie Marinellu and some of the other listeners made insightful comments and asked crucial questions. As Hess replied to those remarks, the discussion became even more fruitful and gave each of the listeners a new perspective on the subject of Jesus as the Messiah.

We would like to thank Prof. Hess for the lecture and for his time. Also a special thanks to Dr. Marinellu for her lively and heartful moderation, even though she shared the job with an unwilling Mukaddes Kocabiyik who also made a tremendous job organizing the event along with Dr. Asim Cengiz.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels as we plan to turn this lecture into a series of Zoom lectures with various topics presented by the experts in their fields.

Silver Sage Foundation youth did not give up on kindling the Thanksgiving spirit in 2020 even though we are passing through a terrible pandemic. With the help of their volunteer mentors, our Teen Project unit organized several activities for the Thanksgiving 2020.

Giving Tuesday – Food and Clothes Drive

The Teen Project members collected non-perishable food to distribute to the people in need living in Las Vegas. They are also collecting gently used teen clothing until the 15th of December. The donations can be dropped at our location.

Visit to the Seniors

People might feel quite lonely during these pandemic times, but the seniors who reside at senior houses are in the extreme end of this loneliness. To make their Thanksgiving cheerful, our youth unit made a visit to Merrill Gardens with thank you cards and flowers.

Pie Decoration Contest

Thanksgiving and pies is a great match. Unfortunately, we cannot come together to enjoy these delicacies in this year’s Thanksgiving. But we organized a pie decoration contest online to showcase our children’s artistic talents and taste some virtual sweetness. The submission period is over, and the pies await your votes at this link:

Young Talk Series – 1

Teen Project started a series of Zoom lectures in which we invite successful people from different career paths who can become role models to our youth. The first part of this series was held on November 28th. Our guest was Sevde Ilhan who is a post-graduate student at UCLA. Our next meeting will be held on December 10th and we will have several engineering students from various fields such as chemistry and landscape to give our future-college students some insights.

Due to the pandemic, Silver Sage Foundation had to migrate the Summer Classes for children to online and organized Zoom meetings to bring our volunteer mentors and children together.

Between 14-26th of June, Silver Sage Foundation mentors gave classes to the children ranging from kindergarten to high-school. Classes included Turkish language learning, English reading, Arts and Crafts, Kahoot contests, Quranic teaching, Character education and Coding.

It was a great opportunity for our children to use the quarantine time efficiently as they had fun, socialize with their friends and learned new things.

We pray that 2021 will be better in terms of the pandemic and we will be able to organize these Summer courses on-site in our building. We also would like to thank our volunteer mentors, participating children, financial donors and supportive parents as all of them made these courses possible.