Dear Silver Sage Foundation community members,

As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the world and in our nation, we feel obliged to take precautions and make a statement as Silver Sage Foundation to inform our community about this topic. Here is a list of recommendations given by our foundation:

  1. Community gatherings (monthly meetings, picnics, the Friday prayers etc…) are canceled indefinitely.
  2. There will be no interstate and international travels made, especially by airlines.
  3. Extra attention on hygiene should be paid. Hands should be washed regularly and handshaking should be avoided.
  4. Malls, restaurants, hotels and other crowded places should be avoided as much as possible.
  5. Water, food and cleaning products should be purchased enough for at least several weeks.
  6. Children should not be taken to the places of extra curriculum courses, sports events and other kind of gatherings.
  7. No plans should be made on Ramadan dinners (iftars), and these dinners should be kept in small circles and private homes.

Along with these decisions and recommendations, we would like to encourage everyone to pray for our community, for the Americans and ultimately for all of the world in these troubling times. May this epidemic ends swiftly and people return to their daily life as it was before.

Respectfully yours,

Silver Sage Foundation Management

We celebrated the Women’s Day at our location with food, activities, folkloric dance show and speeches. We would like to thank everyone participated in the event. And we would like to celebrate every women’s valuable presence in our lives.