Muslims are supposed to help others during the eid al-Adha as much as they can. It usually happens through sharing the meats of the sacrificed animals during the 4-day celebrations. This year, Silver Sage Foundation came together with Embrace Relief to donate meats to Nevada Mercy & Care.

Nevada Mercy & Care is a charity organization which provides medical and mental health services for the people in need. Our donations will be distributed to the refugees who desperately require support.

We would like to thank Nevada Mercy & Care, Embrace Relief, our donors, and especially our volunteers who spared from their eid time to make this charity operation a reality.

In the 7th episode of Imam Mujahid Ramadan’s Radio Show, the topic was centered around Spirituality, Technology and Generation Y. For the show took place on July 3rd, Ramadan had a team of young speakers: Mona Asadi from Chapman University and Baha’i faith, Kailyn S. Haye from VSU university, Zeynep Akgedik from Silver Sage Foundation Youth Council and her sister Leyla Akgedik who is also from Silver Sage Foundation Youth Council were Ramadan’s guests.

The discussion started with the effects of social media on people, especially the younger generation. During the course of discussion, it was claimed that the rapid transfer of knowledge has made the younger generation more sensitive towards injustices and social issues. The new generation follow the political and economical developments day by day and show immediate reactions. The effect of the social media became obvious with the Black Lives Matter movement as hundreds of people were mobilized in mere hours.

However, the discussion touched to the negative aspects of this highly technologized life as well. The speakers stated that no kind of solid belief is there to support many young people. They follow names, ideas or slogans. But there is a true lack of spiritual background. On another side, the new generations have become too entitled as technology makes things happen in an instant. There is a spoiled attitude as things got quite easier such as movies can be streamed in an instant, goods can be bought and delivered to our homes in a few days etc…

Our speakers delved into the topic of cyberbullying as well. The social network communications dulled our senses. We don’t feel like we are talking to real people. For that reason, we are more prone to say things which might hurt others easily. The speakers said that we should adapt to this new environment with morals and social etiquettes.

All in all, Ramadan led a heartfelt discussion about the massive changes in our social and political environment caused by a completely new generation which has a unique grounding with technology and social media. We extend our thanks to Imam Ramadan, Asadi, Haye, and Akgedik sisters for this interesting discussion. Also special thanks to KCEP Power 88 for allowing this show to be broadcasted.

The show was abruptly ended due to the time limit given by the hosting radio station KCEP Power 88. We totally understand that they have to follow their schedule. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.