The Dialogue and Friendship Night, hosted collaboratively by Silver Sage and Erguvan Art Studio, was a memorable evening filled with exquisite Turkish cuisine, outstanding artwork, and captivating music.

A highlight of the night was the art workshop led by a renowned professor from the University of California, who masterfully utilized coffee as a medium, showcasing remarkable creativity and skill.

Pastor Kimber from the United Methodist Church delivered an awe-inspiring speech on the importance of friendship. Her words resonated deeply with all attendees, reminding us of the power and beauty of genuine connections.

The Silver Sage Reno Women Volunteer Branch are thrilled to announce the success of our inaugural monthly cultural activity. In a warm and inviting atmosphere, women from across town gathered for an enriching discussion over tea, coffee, and delectable Turkish bakery treats.

Our goal is to foster cultural exchange and friendship within our community, and we couldn’t be happier with the positive reception from all participants. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and meaningful connections formed during this event, we are excited to make this a regular occurrence.

Join us each month as we continue to celebrate diversity, engage in enlightening conversations, and strengthen the bonds that unite us. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming cultural activities and events. We look forward to welcoming you to our next gathering!

This past Saturday marked an extraordinary odyssey into the culinary realm with our cherished Cooking Club companions! 🍽️ As we embarked on a delightful sojourn into the realm of sweetness, the veil was lifted on the closely guarded secrets behind crafting the most extraordinary Pistachio Cake. 

A resounding applause to the maestro of the kitchen herself, Chef Diana! Her limitless expertise and unwavering passion cast a radiant light on our culinary adventure, turning it into a symphony of flavors and unabashed joy.

Stay tuned for the next Cooking Club event! We are eagerly counting down the moments until we can welcome you to yet another harmonious session of #CookingTogether, where bonds flourish amid the culinary artistry. Until that moment arrives, relish the memories and brace yourselves for the forthcoming gastronomic revelations!

We hosted a successful Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas last Saturday, November 18, bringing together friends from diverse religious backgrounds. Our gathering included dozens of guests with a variety of experiences and perspectives, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The night was filled with relaxation, friendly conversations, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The food served was akin to a warm hug on a cold winter night.

The evening commenced with an introduction to the Silver Sage Foundation by our outreach coordinator, Asim Cengiz, followed by an interfaith prayer. Three esteemed individuals representing different religions shared opening remarks and prayers. Following these inspirational moments, participants were treated to a delicious meal prepared by the dedicated volunteers of SSF. As part of the program, attendees had the opportunity to express their wishes on cards provided by SSF, which were later read aloud before the conclusion of the event.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the guests who attended, with special appreciation for our distinguished speaker guests. Lastly, a significant thank you goes to our dedicated catering volunteers who contributed to the success of the event by preparing delightful meals.

On November 11, the McKinley Arts & Culture Center was graced by an enlightening event organized by the Silver Sage Foundation Reno and Reno’s First Methodist Church. The focus of the evening was “Maryam in Islam,” aiming to bridge faith through a shared reverence for Mary. The distinguished speaker, Dr. Zeki Saritoprak, delivered an insightful lecture that captivated the audience, comprised of around 90 individuals from diverse faiths and denominations.

Cultural Exchange and Early Thanksgiving

This gathering went beyond the confines of religious discussions. Silver Sage volunteers extended the spirit of community by celebrating an early Thanksgiving. The delectable feast showcased the unity in diversity, with volunteers preparing the turkey and offering a variety of dishes from the rich tapestry of Turkish cuisine. This cultural exchange allowed attendees to connect on a personal level, fostering understanding and appreciation among the different communities present.

A Tapestry of Faiths

The event exemplified the Silver Sage Foundation’s commitment to promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. By bringing together people of various faiths and denominations, the foundation and Reno’s First Methodist Church( created an inclusive space where the shared values surrounding Mary became a focal point for connection and mutual respect.

As we reflect on this memorable evening, we recognize the power of shared experiences in building bridges between communities. The Silver Sage Foundation Reno and Reno’s First Methodist Church extend their gratitude to all who attended, making this event a true celebration of unity in diversity.

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Mexican cuisine with us! 🍽️✨ In yesterday’s Cooking Club gathering, our delightful community member Isela E. whisked us away on a culinary journey through the heart of Mexico. With skill and passion, she unveiled the secrets behind crafting heavenly Churros and tantalizing Chile Rellenos. 🇲🇽✨

But that’s not all – our talented community member Hulya Y. worked her magic, adorning our space with enchanting decorations that truly transported us to the lively streets of Mexico City. 🎉🏙️

A heartfelt thank you echoes through the air, reaching out to every volunteer and participant who made this culinary adventure possible. 🙌🌟 Your dedication and enthusiasm are the secret ingredients that make our community events so special.

Hungry for more? 🤤✨ Stay tuned, dear friends, as we gear up for more delectable Cooking Club events! 🍳👩‍🍳 Join us to explore new recipes, savor exquisite flavors, and most importantly, forge beautiful friendships along the way. 🤝❤️ Let’s keep the spirit of culinary exploration alive! To attend the upcoming cooking club and have more information please email us at [email protected] 🌍🔥 #CookingClub #MexicanFlavors #CulinaryJourney #CommunityLove

Silver Sage Volunteers in Las Vegas made Noah’s pudding and shared it with community members such as, three different fire departments, Bolder City Police department and United Methodist Church. Some of the volunteers also attended Sunday service at Epiphany Episcopal Church and UNLV United Methodist Church. We talked about the history of Noah’s Pudding along with the story of Noah’s Ark and The Flood, and shared the homemade Asure (Noah’s Pudding) with the attendees.

Thank you to our volunteers.

What is Noah’s Pudding?

Noah’s pudding, also known as “Aşure” in Turkish, is a traditional dessert with a rich history and cultural significance. It is typically prepared and enjoyed during the Islamic month of Muharram, especially on the 10th day, known as Ashura, which holds religious significance for both Muslims and Jews.

The pudding is made from a combination of various grains, legumes, dried fruits, and nuts, symbolizing the unity and diversity of ingredients. These ingredients often include wheat, barley, chickpeas, beans, lentils, rice, dried apricots, raisins, figs, and various types of nuts like walnuts and almonds. The mixture is sweetened with sugar or a sweet syrup, and fragrant spices like cinnamon and cloves are added for flavor.

The preparation of Noah pudding is a communal activity in many cultures, bringing families and communities together. It is cooked in large quantities to be shared with friends, neighbors, and those in need. This act of sharing reflects the spirit of compassion, generosity, and unity.

Noah’s pudding is not only a delicious dessert but also a symbol of harmony, diversity, and solidarity among different cultures and religions. It is a reminder of the importance of coming together, helping one another, and celebrating the shared values of humanity.

Silver Sage Foundation Reno hosted a Noah’s Pudding sharing event on August 20, 2023, at the Spanish Spring Presbyterian Church and First Methodist Church. 

Noah’s pudding is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that is made with a variety of ingredients, including grains, nuts, fruits, and spices. It is said to have originated when Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat after the flood. The family of Noah celebrated their survival by creating a pudding made from the remaining food supplies on the ark.

The Silver Sage Foundation’s Noah’s Pudding sharing event is a way to celebrate diversity and community. The pudding symbolizes hope and renewal, and the event is a chance for people of all backgrounds to come together and share a meal.

The Silver sage Foundation Reno chapter hosted a panel discussion on the topic of “Abraham’s hospitality and sacrifice” on June 29 at the Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church. The discussion was moderated by Semra Özdemir outreach volunteer at the Silver Sage Foundation. The panelists included Tom Willadsen the Pastor of Spanish Springs Ppresbyterian church, Benjamin Katz the Rabbi of Temple of Emanu-El, and Ayse Tandogan volunteer at Silver Sage Foundation.

The panelists discussed the story of Abraham from a variety of perspectives, including historical, theological, and ethical. They explored the themes of hospitality, sacrifice, and obedience in the story, and they considered how these themes are relevant to our own lives today. The discussion was lively and thought-provoking, and it generated a lot of discussion among the audience.

We had our Mother Mary in Islam workshop, part 1 at the Henderson Birds Viewing Preserve Sunday morning. We had the second part of the event at the Silver Sage Foundation in the afternoon.

Grateful for the beautiful journey of understanding and unity at the ‘Mother Mary in Islam’ interfaith event. We came together to explore the shared reverence for Mary, a remarkable figure cherished by both Muslims and Christians. Our hearts and minds were enlightened by the wisdom and love present in the diverse perspectives shared. Let’s continue fostering dialogue, respect, and compassion as we embrace our common values. 

We express our gratitude to the organizers, volunteers, and supporters who made this event possible. Your dedication and hard work have made a profound impact on our community. Thank you for helping us take a step closer towards a more harmonious and inclusive society.

May the blessings of Mother Mary and the Divine guide us on our path towards unity and peace. #MotherMaryInIslam #InterfaithDialogue #UnityInDiversity #LoveAndRespect #PeacefulCoexistence #InterfaithLove #UnityInDiversity