The Radio Talk Show series presented by Silver Sage Foundation and Hosted by Imam Mujahid Ramadan continued with the 4th episode aired on March 6th, 2021. The broadcast was provided by 88.1 Power LV as usual.

In this episode, Imam Ramadan hosted three esteemed guests from 3 different religions. Rabbi Reuven Firestone PhD, Reverend Dr. Catherine Gregg and Imam Jamal Rahman came together to discuss on how interfaith dialogue can establish strong bridges between the Abrahamic religions.

Inspired by Fethullah Gulen’s vision of peace and dialogue between different social and religious groups, Ramadan led the discussion through various points regarding the role of understanding each other and tolerance in building a harmonious society in the 21st Century.

We would to thank Imam Ramadan and his valued guests for this thought provoking discussion. Also special thanks to KCEP Power LV 88.1 for allowing us to broadcast these series on their platform.

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We organized a bake sale fundraiser to raise money to be used in helping the oppressed women in Turkey. To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Silver Sage Foundation’s distinguished members prepared a variety of delicious meals.

Our stand was opened at Anthem Hills Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Our volunteers and customers paid great attention to social distancing regulations.

All money will be sent to Turkey and it will be distributed to the women in need as the Turkish government keeps 1000s of people in jail or purged from their job, leaving them in desperate need for financial support.

Our Silver Sage Foundation community got together and made a silent march on Las Vegas Strip to support the women rights and celebrate the International Women’s Day. We marched for the women of the world, especially for the women who are suffering in the Turkish prisons under Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s oppressive regime.

It was a joint effort all around the USA organized by AST (Advocates of Silenced Turkey). Since the alleged coup attempt in July 2016, more than 5000 women have been jailed. 600 were detained and 100 women have given birth in prison. There are currently 780 children prisoners accompanying their mothers.

Women’s rights have been ignored and violated by the Turkish authorities systemically. Many women in custody were subject to strip searches. They were asked to undress and squat while naked, sometimes with cameras present.

As Silver Sage Foundation, we want the end of all unfair treatment towards women all around the world. In this regard, we will raise our voice as much we can.