One of our main goals is to help build a constructive environment for members of different faiths, cultures, ethnicity and world-views to exchange ideas and solve common problems. Through our panels and seminars, we build awareness around diverse issues and causes, fostering dialogue and breaking down walls that breed intolerance and hate.

Silver Sage Foundation dialogue unit works to establish connections between different spheres of society. Our volunteers make contact, establish connections and organize events to bring people together. Our dialogue unit makes contact with different cultures, religions and organizations. Workshops, seminars and dinners are some of the events organized by the unit.


Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner - 2022

We returned to our Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner event was hosted at our location on 20th of November. We had dozens of guests from a variety of different backgrounds in Las Vegas. The atmosphere was great, the night was…

Youth Friendsgiving Dinner

What a great night we had at our first annual Friendsgiving Dinner on Saturday. Our youth members organized their first Friendsgiving dinner inviting Muslim youths in the valley. We had youth Muslim brothers & sisters, and UNLV MSA members.…

Epiphany Episcopal Church - Gathering

We came together with our friends from Epiphany Episcopal Church and enjoyed an beautiful night to establish mutual understanding and friendship. Epiphany Episcopal Church invited our community members to the church for a beautiful dialogue…

A Hadith Commentary - What Brings Salvation

Tonight, we  hosted Dr. Ali Shehata for one of the lecture series organized by Silver Sage Foundation. Dr. Ali had a commentary/discussion on one of the “40 hadith of Imam an-Nawawi.” There were guests from community members. We want…
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Noah's Pudding

Wonderful interfaith showcase organized by Silver Sage Foundation. Silver Sage Volunteers served Noah’s pudding to people who attended Zuhr prayer at Masjid As-Sabur on Saturday. After praying, the volunteers also served Noah's Pudding…


On August 19th, the Silver Sage Foundation's Women Association hosted an event where they invited the women of Epiphany to Noah's Pudding Event in order to serve Noah's pudding to all attendees and share the spirit of peace and collaboration.…