One of our main goals is to help build a constructive environment for members of different faiths, cultures, ethnicity and world-views to exchange ideas and solve common problems. Through our panels and seminars, we build awareness around diverse issues and causes, fostering dialogue and breaking down walls that breed intolerance and hate.

Silver Sage Foundation dialogue unit works to establish connections between different spheres of society. Our volunteers make contact, establish connections and organize events to bring people together. Our dialogue unit makes contact with different cultures, religions and organizations. Workshops, seminars and dinners are some of the events organized by the unit.

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Turkish Coffee & Art - Dialogue and Friendship Gathering

The Dialogue and Friendship Night, hosted collaboratively by Silver Sage and Erguvan Art Studio, was a memorable evening filled with exquisite Turkish cuisine, outstanding artwork, and captivating music. A highlight of the night was the…
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Women's Monthly Activity - Reno

The Silver Sage Reno Women Volunteer Branch are thrilled to announce the success of our inaugural monthly cultural activity. In a warm and inviting atmosphere, women from across town gathered for an enriching discussion over tea, coffee, and…

Cooking Club - December 2023

This past Saturday marked an extraordinary odyssey into the culinary realm with our cherished Cooking Club companions! 🍽️ As we embarked on a delightful sojourn into the realm of sweetness, the veil was lifted on the closely guarded secrets…

2023 Thanksgiving Dinner

We hosted a successful Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas last Saturday, November 18, bringing together friends from diverse religious backgrounds. Our gathering included dozens of guests with a variety of experiences and perspectives, creating…

Maryam in Islam

On November 11, the McKinley Arts & Culture Center was graced by an enlightening event organized by the Silver Sage Foundation Reno and Reno's First Methodist Church. The focus of the evening was "Maryam in Islam," aiming to bridge faith…

Embracing the Flavors of Mexico!

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Mexican cuisine with us! 🍽️✨ In yesterday's Cooking Club gathering, our delightful community member Isela E. whisked us away on a culinary journey through the heart of Mexico. With skill and passion,…