What an enchanting evening! We’re bursting with joy as we reminisce about our Annual Muslim Community Ramadan Iftar Dinner!

We came together for an unforgettable gathering, breaking fast and sharing in Ramadan’s blessings. Hosted at Silver Sage Foundation, we savored a delightful meal, sparked engaging conversations, and forged heartwarming connections.

Our special guests shared stories that moved us, including an inspiring keynote by Imam Tarik on the Wisdom of Ramadan. Plus, we added some fun with a Blooket game filled with Ramadan trivia, and the winner walked away with an English Quran!

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us, and heartfelt appreciation to our volunteers for making the ambiance cozy and the food scrumptious!

May the spirit of Ramadan continue to lead us to understanding and peace. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to connect with our community. Ramadan Mubarak!