We are incredibly honored to have hosted our 2nd Annual Women Potluck Iftar Dinner, a gathering that brought together Muslim women from diverse backgrounds to share in the joy of Ramadan. It was a beautiful testament to the power of unity and sisterhood within our community. A special shoutout goes to our dedicated volunteer, Mrs. Hulya, whose tireless efforts made this event possible. From coordinating the program to ensuring every detail was perfect, her commitment truly shines through.

As the night progressed, each guest was treated to a thoughtfully curated goodie bag, reminiscent of the cherished traditions of the Ottoman era, symbolizing our appreciation for their presence and contributions. The aroma of delicious treats filled the air, a testament to the culinary talents of our attendees, whose dishes added a delightful flavor to our gathering.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all the participants for their delectable treats and contributions, enriching our evening with their culinary delights and warm spirits. And to our beloved YM sisters, your unwavering support and dedication are deeply cherished. Together, we created unforgettable memories, celebrating unity, sisterhood, and the true essence of Ramadan. 

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