In a heartwarming display of community collaboration, we, Silver Sage Foundation, came together with the Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church to organize a charitable event hosted by the Reno Methodist Church, addressing the pressing needs of the homeless population in Reno. Attendees of the event contributed to the cause by purchasing tea, coffee, and delectable homemade bakery items like cookies and desserts for fundraising purposes.

The primary objective of the gathering was to provide essential clothing and hygiene items to individuals experiencing homelessness in the community. The generous participants assembled at the Reno Methodist Church, demonstrating the power of unity among different religious denominations. In a touching gesture, the donated items were subsequently handed over to the Reno Sparks Gospel Church, serving as a vital support center for the less fortunate. This event not only exemplified the strength of a united community but also underscored the collective dedication to extending compassion and solidarity to those in need.

What a great day our volunteers had! It’s great to see our volunteers and others coming together to participate in the Ponderosa Planting event organized by the Southern Nevada Conservancy at Mt Charleston. Silversage Foundation volunteers planted over 100 ponderosa trees which is a significant contribution to the preservation of nature in our area.
Taking action to protect the environment is crucial for the well-being of our planet and future generations. By planting trees, we are not only helping to beautify the landscape but also playing a vital role in combating climate change, providing habitats for wildlife, and improving air quality.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emphasizes the importance of planting trees and caring for the environment by saying: Even if the resurrection were established upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, let him plant it. It encourages individuals to take responsibility for nurturing and preserving nature, even if they were in the midst of a significant event like resurrection.
Thank you to all of our volunteers! Thank you Southern Nevada Conservancy for organizing the tree planting event.
Keep up the fantastic work folks!!

Wonderful interfaith showcase organized by Silver Sage Foundation. Silver Sage Volunteers served Noah’s pudding to people who attended Zuhr prayer at Masjid As-Sabur on Saturday.

After praying, the volunteers also served Noah’s Pudding to Nevada Housing Authority Complex and some homeless people in the neighborhood. Thank you to volunteers who prepared the event.

We partnered up with Nevada’s Mercy & Care and Embrace Relief to distribute meat packages for the people in need in Las Vegas.

Eid al Adha is a time of helping others and co-operation, Silver Sage Foundation strives to make our community a better place by being a force of charity and help. So that’s the perfect time for us to do whatever we can for people who are in need around us.

We would like to thank all our donors, Mercy & Care and Embrace Relief for this great effort.

Our volunteers participated in the Ponderosa Planting event held at Mount Charleston and organized by Southern Nevada Conservancy. The families came together and enriched their Saturday by planting trees and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Silver Sage Foundation volunteers planted a total of 62 saplings. Our volunteers had to work hard digging the ground with shovels and plant the saplings by themselves. It was a fantastic opportunity to teach our kids how to support our beautiful nature as they were involved in the whole process. Especially after a long season of wildfires, this kind of restoration efforts are vital.

We would like to thank Southern Nevada Conservancy for allowing us to be a part of this meaningful event. Their organization and guidance was perfect and it allowed us to plant our saplings efficiently. And a special thanks to our volunteer families who took time from their weekend holidays and participated in such a physically demanding event.

Silver Sage Foundation volunteers spent their Saturday afternoon in Warm Springs Natural Area to help with the tree planting efforts. Despite a very warm day without any clouds to cover the hot sun, the volunteers planted trees happily and enthusiastically.

We believe that every individual has an obligation to preserve nature as much as they can. Especially under the shadows of a looming climate crisis, we must do whatever we can do minimize our impact on the environment. In this light, our volunteers and a dozens of other nature-friends joined to the tree planting efforts.

This Green Up event organized by the Southern Nevada Water Authority was also a great opportunity to teach our kids how to respect nature. They learnt how to plant trees under the supervision of Warm Springs Natural Area officers.

We would like to thank our great volunteers for working hard for a noble cause and the Southern Nevada Water Authority for organizing such a crucial event. Follow our social media channels to have a chance to join such future events.

Muslims are supposed to help others during the eid al-Adha as much as they can. It usually happens through sharing the meats of the sacrificed animals during the 4-day celebrations. This year, Silver Sage Foundation came together with Embrace Relief to donate meats to Nevada Mercy & Care.

Nevada Mercy & Care is a charity organization which provides medical and mental health services for the people in need. Our donations will be distributed to the refugees who desperately require support.

We would like to thank Nevada Mercy & Care, Embrace Relief, our donors, and especially our volunteers who spared from their eid time to make this charity operation a reality.

Masjid As-Sabur hadn’t organize any big iftar dinners in this Ramadan due to the pandemic measures. But just for the Night of Power, (Laylat-u-qadr), which is the holiest day of Ramadan month, the masjid made an exception and held an iftar dinner.

As Silver Sage Foundation, we collaborated with other volunteers to bring meals to the event. It was a beautiful night of friendship and spirituality. There were dozens of Muslims coming from all around Las Vegas. After the bountiful iftar dinner, we joined together to perform the Tarawih prayer.

We would like to thank Imam Fateen Seifullah for being a great host and organizing this heartful event. Also special thanks to our volunteers who prepared finger licking meals as always.

Silver Sage Foundation distributed iftar meals around 130 people at Masjid Al-Noor. It was a beautiful event of friendship and faith as Las Vegas Muslims gathered together to break their fast and share the Ramadan spirit. It was especially a refreshing moment for the participants as the pandemic has been preventing such gatherings for a long time. We paid utmost attention to follow the social distancing regulations, but there were heartfelt discussions and friendly exchanges during the evening nevertheless.

We would like to thank Masjid Al-Noor and Islamic Information Center for allowing us to organize this event. We thank everyone who came to eat with us and brought joy to the event. Finally, a special thanks must be given to our volunteers who prepared the meals in their homes. They were quite delicious!

We organized a bake sale fundraiser to raise money to be used in helping the oppressed women in Turkey. To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Silver Sage Foundation’s distinguished members prepared a variety of delicious meals.

Our stand was opened at Anthem Hills Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Our volunteers and customers paid great attention to social distancing regulations.

All money will be sent to Turkey and it will be distributed to the women in need as the Turkish government keeps 1000s of people in jail or purged from their job, leaving them in desperate need for financial support.