Due to the pandemic, Silver Sage Foundation had to migrate the Summer Classes for children to online and organized Zoom meetings to bring our volunteer mentors and children together.

Between 14-26th of June, Silver Sage Foundation mentors gave classes to the children ranging from kindergarten to high-school. Classes included Turkish language learning, English reading, Arts and Crafts, Kahoot contests, Quranic teaching, Character education and Coding.

It was a great opportunity for our children to use the quarantine time efficiently as they had fun, socialize with their friends and learned new things.

We pray that 2021 will be better in terms of the pandemic and we will be able to organize these Summer courses on-site in our building. We also would like to thank our volunteer mentors, participating children, financial donors and supportive parents as all of them made these courses possible.

Silver Sage Foundation was invited to the LVMPD briefing on May 31, 2020 as one of the several community leaders of Las Vegas. Our executive director Asim Budak represented our foundation in this important public declaration. We wholeheartedly agree with the idea that the protests should be made in peace. We pray that the latest developments will result in improvements in all areas of our social, legal and political structures.

Read our statement on the tragic death of George Floyd here:

The untimely and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was a very disturbing event as it was caused by the recklessness of a police officer that is sworn to maintain people’s safety. What is more sad is the fact that these kinds of deaths have been occurring in the United States for decades. As a foundation trying to help in establishing global peace, mutual understanding and dialog, we are deeply saddened.

This kind of inequality and injustice has no place in the world, even more so in the United States as this nation is built on the foundation of human rights and liberty. However, no one has the power to change the past, so we must look forward now. We must work together to diminish all kinds of prejudice and injustice in our society. We must raise awareness to this incident and let people take lessons in order not to repeat the same mistakes. All life is equal and every citizen should be treated with justice.

While we are protesting this incident and the surrounding inequalities related to the event, we must always stay constructive. Showing anger with aggression and violence is an easy way, but it causes a destruction which will not bring any beneficial results for the cause. Instead, destruction harms everyone, the most importantly it shrouds the truth and blocks the way of a good cause. Therefore we condemn all kinds of looting and vandalism.

Now it is time to use this tragic incident to increase awareness and cooperation between different social groups and fix all of the fundamental problems causing such incidents. We pray that all efforts will be peaceful and progress in mutual dialog.

Silver Sage Foundation – May 31, 2020.