To celebrate the National Public Lands Day on September 27th, Southern Nevada Conservancy organized a volunteer cleanup and celebration event. We participated in the event with our Teen Project youth.

Littering in the national parks is a serious issue as it affects the wild life negatively and might cause forest fires. As part of the Southern Nevada community, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to help make Spring Mountains cleaner. With our nature loving volunteer team, we signed up for the 4th annual ‘Green the Mountain’ event. We were among a total of 400 volunteers.

After a day of hard working and celebrating nature, a total of 4500 pounds of garbage was collected. While that’s a huge relief and happiness to know that much harmful substance were removed from the mountain, it is a bit sad to see how much people litter the area.

We would like to thank the USDA Forest Service & Southern Nevada Conservancy for this great event. It was a priceless opportunity to participate in such a noble act of cleaning our beautiful nature. We also would like to thank our kind volunteers who worked hard and smiled all day.

Silver Sage Foundation’s Teen Project Unit collected clothes to be donated to Hannah’s Closet, a donation drop off and distribution location ran by Fostering Hope which is a ministry of Hope Church in Las Vegas. Fostering Hope supports foster families in various ways. Fostering Hope supports foster children from age 0 to 18, and they also have special programs helping them beyond age of 18 until 21 with the ‘Step Up’ system.

Our volunteer Teen Project youth has been gathering donations from the locals of Las Vegas. And they dropped them off at Hannah’s closet on Tuesday, 19th of January so that those clothes could be distributed to the foster care families. With the initiative named, ‘Coat Drive’ our hard-working teens collected scarves, gloves, boots, coats and hats. We sincerely hope that these clothes will make the cold winter season easier for the foster children.

We applaud our Teen Project volunteers and generous donors for this kind act. And we also give a special thanks to Fostering Hope, especially Donna White who answered our questions patiently and sincerely. For more information on how to help foster children, please visit:

Donna White (Manager of Hannah’s Closet and Care Community Director) answered our question on the Foster Care system such as how many foster children are in Las Vegas, how can we interact with them or support them and what happens when they turn 18.

Silver Sage Foundation’s Teen Project Unit did not stay idle during the holidays and kept working hard on humanitarian efforts. Several teenagers from our high school members prepared home-made noodles and delivered them to Las Vegas and Henderson residents’ doors. In return, they collected donations for the Yemeni people who are fighting against starvation.

The donations were made through Embrace Relief’s ‘Donate for Food Distribution in Yemen’ initiative. The dire situation in Yemen calls for urgent support from all around the world as people are struggling to find food and shelter in the civil-war ridden country. You can make your own donations via the link below:

We applaud our young volunteers and their mentors on this valiant effort. Further thanks to our generous donors as we wish them happy meals with those heart-poured noodles.

According to Fostering Hope, there are approximately 500,000 foster children who require special care and love all around the USA. The number is around 3,500 in Clark County. It is our obligation to help them in anyway we can.

Our shining star, Teen Project youth gathered clothes for the foster children in Las Vegas. They gathered boxes of teen clothes from the volunteering families and dropped them at Hannah’s Closet. We partnered with Fostering Hope to gather children clothes donations and contribute to the foster care efforts in Las Vegas.

We also prepared Christmas greeting cards for the foster care children. We are extremely glad and happy to be a part of this initiative. We pray for each foster child to find a warm home. We would like to thank to our volunteer youth, cloth donors and Fostering Hope/Hannah’s Closet.

Silver Sage Foundation youth did not give up on kindling the Thanksgiving spirit in 2020 even though we are passing through a terrible pandemic. With the help of their volunteer mentors, our Teen Project unit organized several activities for the Thanksgiving 2020.

Giving Tuesday – Food and Clothes Drive

The Teen Project members collected non-perishable food to distribute to the people in need living in Las Vegas. They are also collecting gently used teen clothing until the 15th of December. The donations can be dropped at our location.

Visit to the Seniors

People might feel quite lonely during these pandemic times, but the seniors who reside at senior houses are in the extreme end of this loneliness. To make their Thanksgiving cheerful, our youth unit made a visit to Merrill Gardens with thank you cards and flowers.

Pie Decoration Contest

Thanksgiving and pies is a great match. Unfortunately, we cannot come together to enjoy these delicacies in this year’s Thanksgiving. But we organized a pie decoration contest online to showcase our children’s artistic talents and taste some virtual sweetness. The submission period is over, and the pies await your votes at this link:

Young Talk Series – 1

Teen Project started a series of Zoom lectures in which we invite successful people from different career paths who can become role models to our youth. The first part of this series was held on November 28th. Our guest was Sevde Ilhan who is a post-graduate student at UCLA. Our next meeting will be held on December 10th and we will have several engineering students from various fields such as chemistry and landscape to give our future-college students some insights.

Henderson Libraries’ Teen Service department organized a beautiful initiative as they provided ‘Thank you’ card kits for children between ages 11-17 so that they could express their gratitude to the healthcare workers who risk their lives to help others during these harsh pandemic conditions.

Silver Sage Foundation rallied our community’s parents and children to get the kits, write fill them up with best wishes and thanks, and send our best wishes to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel. Fortunately, our children were greatly enthusiastic about this initiative and they prepared beautiful and heart-felt cards to be distributed to the healthcare workers all around Henderson.

We would like to thank to all healthcare workers around the world. We also would like to thank Henderson Libraries for this precious initiative. Lastly, we gave thanks to the children participated in this effort to share love and support during these demanding days of COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, please visit:

Due to the pandemic, Silver Sage Foundation had to migrate the Summer Classes for children to online and organized Zoom meetings to bring our volunteer mentors and children together.

Between 14-26th of June, Silver Sage Foundation mentors gave classes to the children ranging from kindergarten to high-school. Classes included Turkish language learning, English reading, Arts and Crafts, Kahoot contests, Quranic teaching, Character education and Coding.

It was a great opportunity for our children to use the quarantine time efficiently as they had fun, socialize with their friends and learned new things.

We pray that 2021 will be better in terms of the pandemic and we will be able to organize these Summer courses on-site in our building. We also would like to thank our volunteer mentors, participating children, financial donors and supportive parents as all of them made these courses possible.