Masjid As-Sabur hadn’t organize any big iftar dinners in this Ramadan due to the pandemic measures. But just for the Night of Power, (Laylat-u-qadr), which is the holiest day of Ramadan month, the masjid made an exception and held an iftar dinner.

As Silver Sage Foundation, we collaborated with other volunteers to bring meals to the event. It was a beautiful night of friendship and spirituality. There were dozens of Muslims coming from all around Las Vegas. After the bountiful iftar dinner, we joined together to perform the Tarawih prayer.

We would like to thank Imam Fateen Seifullah for being a great host and organizing this heartful event. Also special thanks to our volunteers who prepared finger licking meals as always.

We took part in the 5000 Flowers to 5000 Female Leaders initiative organized by Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST). To make the mother’s day meaningful, our volunteers wrote letters narrating the tragic stories of the oppressed mothers in Turkey. These letters were sent to the prominent female community figures.

Silver Sage Foundation volunteers sent their letters to Carolyn Goodman (Mayor of Las Vegas), Susie Lee (the United States Representative for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district), Candace Kant (Professor of History at College of Southern Nevada), and Jacky Rosen (Former Representative for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district).

We hope that these letters will raise awareness on the problems women suffer in the hands of the current oppressive regime in Turkey. We would like to thank AST for this organization and to our volunteers who delicately wrote the letters.

The Radio Talk Show series presented by Silver Sage Foundation and Hosted by Imam Mujahid Ramadan continued with the 6th episode aired on May 1st, 2021. The broadcast was provided by 88.1 Power LV.

In this episode, our guests delved into the topic of hate crimes and how can social efforts could help in this regard. Jolie Brislin from the Anti-Defamation League talked about her organization’s efforts on ending the social injustices and hate crimes. She said that co-operation is vital in solving these problems. She said, ‘we should empower people to speak up,’ because silence only helps to the oppressors and the victims are voiceless.

Hafza Girdap talked about Advocates of Silenced Turkey’s efforts in ending oppressions and inequalities. She also introduced their SetThemFree​ initiative which is a movement to stop the unfair imprisonments all around the world and especially Turkey. She shared the number of people persecuted wrongly. And those numbers were quite alarming.

The Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Nevada, Christopher Chiou talked how Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is pro-active in terms of ending the hate crimes. He stated that Las Vegas has lower number of hate crimes as LVMPD is actively co-operating with minorities. He gave the example of LVMPD’s efforts after the Atlanta shooting in which police officers visited the Asian communities and reassured them that they are safe and welcomed.

It was a very uplifting discussion as we see how organizations are working hard to end the injustice and hate crimes in the USA. We also learnt that most of the government officers are also in this effort.

We would to thank Imam Ramadan and his valued guests for this thought provoking discussion. Also special thanks to KCEP Power LV 88.1 for allowing us to broadcast these series on their platform.

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