Access to quality education in a safe environment is an integral part of improving the lives of individuals in undeserved communities. Education builds awareness and confidence, fosters growth, and provides hope for the less privileged. It is also an integral factor in eliminating prejudices and desperation; therefore, making it accessible to people of all backgrounds is one of the best ways to achieve peace in our communities.

To achieve the goal of leaving no children without education, Silver Sage Foundation education unit organizes courses, workshops, seminars and mentorship programs. The unit also helps students to find scholarships.

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Today, we hosted students in grade 8-12 at our Ramadan Iftar dinner at Silver Sage Foundation. Thank you to all students and guests for joining us to break our fast today.The atmosphere was great, a beautiful evening with delicious meals, and…


ACT/SAT Program for High School Students! Our boot camp is an intensive, short-term course designed to prepare you for a standardized test, such as the SAT or ACT, in a condensed amount of time. It often involves long hours of studying,…
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High School Iftar

Silver Sage Foundation hosted an iftar for the high school students in Las Vegas from various religions. We gathered on the 9th of April to celebrate an iftar dinner together and reinforce relationship between different religions. The Interfaith…
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Lecture - Jesus the Prophesied Messiah Keith Hess, Professor of Philosophy at the College of Southern Nevada gave a Zoom lecture to our community on February 8th. In his presentation, Prof. Hess depicted a detailed picture of Messiah…
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Teen Project - Thanksgiving 2020 Events

Silver Sage Foundation youth did not give up on kindling the Thanksgiving spirit in 2020 even though we are passing through a terrible pandemic. With the help of their volunteer mentors, our Teen Project unit organized several activities for…
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Online Summer Courses for Children

Due to the pandemic, Silver Sage Foundation had to migrate the Summer Classes for children to online and organized Zoom meetings to bring our volunteer mentors and children together. Between 14-26th of June, Silver Sage Foundation mentors…