Friday, April 21 is Eid Al-Fitr!
Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid filled with happiness and blessings from Silver Sage Foundation.

May Allah (swt) accept from us and you all our efforts, and may we all be amongst those who reach the next Ramadan, inshAllah 🙏🏼✨

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Please join us in praying for the victims of the Earthquake in Turkey & Syria.
We will host a virtual DUA (Prayer) Night on Saturday, February 11 at 7:30 pm (PT).
There will be Quran recitation and Prayers (DUA) for the victims of the earthquake.

ZOOM Link:
Meeting ID: 878 2035 4058
Passcode: 275634

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Our Silver Sage Foundation community got together and made a silent march on Las Vegas Strip to support the women rights and celebrate the International Women’s Day. We marched for the women of the world, especially for the women who are suffering in the Turkish prisons under Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s oppressive regime.

It was a joint effort all around the USA organized by AST (Advocates of Silenced Turkey). Since the alleged coup attempt in July 2016, more than 5000 women have been jailed. 600 were detained and 100 women have given birth in prison. There are currently 780 children prisoners accompanying their mothers.

Women’s rights have been ignored and violated by the Turkish authorities systemically. Many women in custody were subject to strip searches. They were asked to undress and squat while naked, sometimes with cameras present.

As Silver Sage Foundation, we want the end of all unfair treatment towards women all around the world. In this regard, we will raise our voice as much we can.

The untimely and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was a very disturbing event as it was caused by the recklessness of a police officer that is sworn to maintain people’s safety. What is more sad is the fact that these kinds of deaths have been occurring in the United States for decades. As a foundation trying to help in establishing global peace, mutual understanding and dialog, we are deeply saddened.

This kind of inequality and injustice has no place in the world, even more so in the United States as this nation is built on the foundation of human rights and liberty. However, no one has the power to change the past, so we must look forward now. We must work together to diminish all kinds of prejudice and injustice in our society. We must raise awareness to this incident and let people take lessons in order not to repeat the same mistakes. All life is equal and every citizen should be treated with justice.

While we are protesting this incident and the surrounding inequalities related to the event, we must always stay constructive. Showing anger with aggression and violence is an easy way, but it causes a destruction which will not bring any beneficial results for the cause. Instead, destruction harms everyone, the most importantly it shrouds the truth and blocks the way of a good cause. Therefore we condemn all kinds of looting and vandalism.

Now it is time to use this tragic incident to increase awareness and cooperation between different social groups and fix all of the fundamental problems causing such incidents. We pray that all efforts will be peaceful and progress in mutual dialog.

Silver Sage Foundation – May 31, 2020.

Dear Silver Sage Foundation community members,

As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the world and in our nation, we feel obliged to take precautions and make a statement as Silver Sage Foundation to inform our community about this topic. Here is a list of recommendations given by our foundation:

  1. Community gatherings (monthly meetings, picnics, the Friday prayers etc…) are canceled indefinitely.
  2. There will be no interstate and international travels made, especially by airlines.
  3. Extra attention on hygiene should be paid. Hands should be washed regularly and handshaking should be avoided.
  4. Malls, restaurants, hotels and other crowded places should be avoided as much as possible.
  5. Water, food and cleaning products should be purchased enough for at least several weeks.
  6. Children should not be taken to the places of extra curriculum courses, sports events and other kind of gatherings.
  7. No plans should be made on Ramadan dinners (iftars), and these dinners should be kept in small circles and private homes.

Along with these decisions and recommendations, we would like to encourage everyone to pray for our community, for the Americans and ultimately for all of the world in these troubling times. May this epidemic ends swiftly and people return to their daily life as it was before.

Respectfully yours,

Silver Sage Foundation Management