Our Silver Sage Foundation community got together and made a silent march on Las Vegas Strip to support the women rights and celebrate the International Women’s Day. We marched for the women of the world, especially for the women who are suffering in the Turkish prisons under Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s oppressive regime.

It was a joint effort all around the USA organized by AST (Advocates of Silenced Turkey). Since the alleged coup attempt in July 2016, more than 5000 women have been jailed. 600 were detained and 100 women have given birth in prison. There are currently 780 children prisoners accompanying their mothers.

Women’s rights have been ignored and violated by the Turkish authorities systemically. Many women in custody were subject to strip searches. They were asked to undress and squat while naked, sometimes with cameras present.

As Silver Sage Foundation, we want the end of all unfair treatment towards women all around the world. In this regard, we will raise our voice as much we can.