Keith Hess, Professor of Philosophy at the College of Southern Nevada gave a Zoom lecture to our community on February 8th. In his presentation, Prof. Hess depicted a detailed picture of Messiah according to the Christian point of view.

Hess shared exempts from both The Old and The New Testaments on how Jesus becomes the Messiah. He also gave attention to the other messianic prophecies related to the subject.

After the lecture, the meeting’s moderator Dr. Rosalie Marinellu and some of the other listeners made insightful comments and asked crucial questions. As Hess replied to those remarks, the discussion became even more fruitful and gave each of the listeners a new perspective on the subject of Jesus as the Messiah.

We would like to thank Prof. Hess for the lecture and for his time. Also a special thanks to Dr. Marinellu for her lively and heartful moderation, even though she shared the job with an unwilling Mukaddes Kocabiyik who also made a tremendous job organizing the event along with Dr. Asim Cengiz.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels as we plan to turn this lecture into a series of Zoom lectures with various topics presented by the experts in their fields.