Imam Muhajid Ramadan (Chairman of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada) hosted a radio talk show at KCEP 88.1 on November 30 to discuss interfaith dialogue and the Hizmet movement. His guests were Dr. Daniel W. Skubik (Political Science Professor at California Baptist University) and Hakan Yesilova (Editor of Fountain Magazine).

In this fruitful discussion, the importance of dialogue between different groups in order to achieve peace and order in the society was emphasized. The crucial role of the Hizmet movement in this regard was another topic of discussion. Both Skubik and Yesilova pointed out how the Hizmet helps in building a future generation of love, tolerance, rationality and kindness through its education and dialogue initiatives.

We offer our thanks to KCEP Power 88 for this beautiful opportunity to discuss such important matter on air.