In the light of Christmas season, we held a Zoom meeting to remember Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus. Las Vegas Epiphany Episcopal Church and Silver Sage Foundation members came together to read poems about Mary and discuss the most honorable mother’s life.

Dr. Zeki Saritoprak visited the meeting as a special guest and shared his valuable knowledge on Jesus and Mary in the Quran and hadith. Meryem Mikesa, Marlyn Buckley and Rosalie Marinellu also granted everyone some new perspectives on Mary with their stories from both Muslim and Christian traditions. We got to know more about her importance as one of the strongest women figures in history. And it was once again proven that there are so many common things in both religions.

We would like to thank Mukaddes Kocabiyik and her team of Silver Sage volunteers on organizing this beautiful and meaningful event. And a special thanks to our Teen Project youth for their beautiful poem recitations and to all who participated.

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