On November 11, the McKinley Arts & Culture Center was graced by an enlightening event organized by the Silver Sage Foundation Reno and Reno’s First Methodist Church. The focus of the evening was “Maryam in Islam,” aiming to bridge faith through a shared reverence for Mary. The distinguished speaker, Dr. Zeki Saritoprak, delivered an insightful lecture that captivated the audience, comprised of around 90 individuals from diverse faiths and denominations.

Cultural Exchange and Early Thanksgiving

This gathering went beyond the confines of religious discussions. Silver Sage volunteers extended the spirit of community by celebrating an early Thanksgiving. The delectable feast showcased the unity in diversity, with volunteers preparing the turkey and offering a variety of dishes from the rich tapestry of Turkish cuisine. This cultural exchange allowed attendees to connect on a personal level, fostering understanding and appreciation among the different communities present.

A Tapestry of Faiths

The event exemplified the Silver Sage Foundation’s commitment to promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. By bringing together people of various faiths and denominations, the foundation and Reno’s First Methodist Church(renofirst.church) created an inclusive space where the shared values surrounding Mary became a focal point for connection and mutual respect.

As we reflect on this memorable evening, we recognize the power of shared experiences in building bridges between communities. The Silver Sage Foundation Reno and Reno’s First Methodist Church extend their gratitude to all who attended, making this event a true celebration of unity in diversity.