We returned to our Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner event was hosted at our location on 20th of November. We had dozens of guests from a variety of different backgrounds in Las Vegas. The atmosphere was great, the night was so relaxing, people were friendly, and everyone had a great time. The food that was provided was like a warm hug on cold winter nights.

Our dinner program started with an interfaith prayer. After the opening prayers and remarks by the two honorable men of religion, interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue Radio Show’s host, Imam Mujahid Ramadan, gave a speech on the importance of thanksgiving and interfaith dialogue. His speech was significant as he spoke as the vice president of Interfaith Council of Nevada.

Then we distributed wish cards among our guests, and everyone wrote their new year wishes on them

The event continued with a musical performance by the talented pianist and vocalist, Scott Nicholson. His 30 years of musical experience really mesmerized the crowd as we didn’t realize how quick the 20 minutes passed listening to him.

Closing remarks were made by Dave Sims, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Summerlin Area Command Captain. He gave a speech on the importance of understanding others as a way of maintaining order in the society. He specifically requested people to keep an open heart and don’t dehumanize the police force as they are also human beings who try to keep civilians safe.

We would like to thank all guests, especially our esteemed speaker guests. Also, a special thanks to Scott Nicholson for his fantastic musical performance. Finally, an important thanks to our catering volunteers who prepared delicious meals for the event.