Silver Sage Foundation works to provide economic assistance to those in need in the United States and around the world. Helping fellow human beings, regardless of their ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds, is a core principle of the Alliance, its members, and partners. Here are some examples of work we are doing throughout the world to provide economic assistance to those in greatest need:

Silver Sage Foundation charity unit works hard to help people in need. It is the unit’s ultimate objective to close the economical gaps between people. To achieve this goal, the unit organizes fundraiser events, charity organizations and meal distribution events.

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Three Square - Sort-a-thon

We volunteered at Three Squares' Sort-a-thon event to help the people in need and elevate the social standards in Las Vegas.
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Homelessness Service Project Homeless Connect - 2019

Silver Sage Foundation was at Homelessness ServiceProject Homeless Connect today. HSPHC is a service and resource fair for people who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The services provided aim to break down barriers to…
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Walk a Mile for Homelessness - Las Vegas

We participated at the 8th Annual Walk a Mile in My Shoes - Las Vegas event. It was a charitable activity with Las Vegas Rescue Mission. The objective was to raise funds for the homeless people. The event took place on 9/28/2019.