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Iftar Dinner at LVMPD Summerlin Area Command

We were invited to an Iftar Dinner held at LVMPD’s Summerlin Area Command Center on May 20, 2020. Many Muslim community leaders from Las Vegas were invited to this gathering. It was a great platform to enhance interfaith understanding and connections. We would like to thank Captain Sasha Larkin and her stuff. We also thank […]

Meal Distribution at Sunrise Hospital

This might be one of the most meaningful International Nurses Day as we are passing through a pandemic. On May 12 2020, Silver Sage Foundation distributed food at Sunrise Hospital to support the staff there both emotionally and physically. We sincerely thank nurses, doctors and all health personnel. We also would like to thank the […]

Nevada Interfaith Prayer of Hope for Humanity

Today, on 22nd of April 2020, religious leaders from Nevada came together and prayed for all humanity going through the corona virus pandemic. This event was a beacon of hope for a future world where different beliefs and faiths can live together in harmony and peace. We would like to thank Ken Heck, Dr. Asim […]

Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Silver Sage Foundation community members, As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the world and in our nation, we feel obliged to take precautions and make a statement as Silver Sage Foundation to inform our community about this topic. Here is a list of recommendations given by our foundation: Community gatherings (monthly […]

International Women’s Day – 2020

We celebrated the Women’s Day at our location with food, activities, folkloric dance show and speeches. We would like to thank everyone participated in the event. And we would like to celebrate every women’s valuable presence in our lives.

Mother Mary in Islam

Professor Zeki Saritoprak from John Carroll University gave a talk on Mary’s significance in Islam. Epiphany Episcopal Church hosted the event presided by The Reverend Rick O’Brien. The meeting was thought provoking and quite interactive with comments and questions from the audience.

Jesus and Islam

Professor Zeki Saritoprak gave a lecture on the subject of “Jesus and Islam” at our location. With an audience consists of both Christians and Muslims, it was an engaging meeting and discussion.