About Us

Silver Sage Foundation’s mission is to develop social capital the creation and extension of positive connections within and between disparate social networks to achieve mutual understanding and common commitments to enriching the social good in the Western US States.Silver Sage Foundation seeks to accomplish its vision by engaging in a variety of civic activities and inviting others to generate and share insights, thereby removing barriers to confidence-building and trust. This sharing of insights and understanding can then create real opportunities for mutual respect and appreciation, offering an environment in which a shared narrative can be rooted.Silver Sage Foundation incorporated as the Global Cultural Connections and has its inspiration embedded in its name. First, “Pacifica” in Latin is the female agent of peace making, which is an important aspect of our vision. Female agent also evoke the caring and compassionate nature of women. And secondly, Silver Sage Foundation serving the West Coast states fortunate enough to be bordering the beautiful Pacific Ocean or their neighbors.