Turkish Olympics West End Finals were held on May 4 at the ‘Cashman Center, Demonstration Center in Las Vegas. Over 200 students from the states such as Washington, Idoha, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, who were selected by the Turkish Language Institute (Turkish Language Institute, TLI), performed unforgettable performances with their performances in the categories of songs, poems, vignettes and folk dances. made a few moments.

In an opening speech of the program, TLI President Murat Akbaş congratulated all teachers who worked with dedication and the parents who supported them in order to spread and promote the Turkish language in the United States. Nevada State Governor Brain Sandoval, expressed the satisfaction of the organization in Las Vegas, the message, such organizations are contributing to the multiculturalism of the United States and Turkish language is very effective in the promotion and promotion of the event thanked the organizers.

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